Chai Latte at Home

Chai Latte at Home
In college, I had no idea what a "tea latte" was, despite the fact that I made and enjoyed so many of them when savouring rare moments at home. There was a positively delicious carob tea on the market at that time. I would brew my cup extra strong and top it with frothed milk. When that tea was discontinued, it inspired a cross-border road trip to buy up as many boxes as I could. My friend wanted a bottle of her favorite fragrance so I picked her up after her late-night shift at a bar and off we went... Border Patrol did not believe us when we declared our purchases on the way home; it was the first time I had ever had my car thoroughly searched. All for pretty perfume and wonderful tea, both of which were rationed for a long, long time.

Lately, Stealthy Dad and I have been enjoying spiced chai. It is a black tea with notes of cardamom and cinnamon that invite a little sweetness. Some cool, frothed milk adds fun and the result is as satisfying as a dessert.

To make your own, coffee-shop style Chai Latte, brew a cup of chai tea in a large mug. Leave room for about a third milk. Let the tea steep a few minutes and remove the tea bag. Stir in sugar or honey to taste. Prepare the froth by adding milk to a lidded bottle and shaking it. Pour it over your tea. Take a moment to watch the milk swirl down into the tea. Enjoy.

(And if this chai tea goes off the market, I promise to just make do with what is on the store shelves instead of getting into trouble having an adventure.)

For easy instructions on making a Cafe Latte at home without an espresso machine or Keurig landfill-hogger click here.

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