Coffee Break (Latte or Cappuccino at home)

Coffee Break: Latte or Cappuccino at Home

Long morning or late night? Would you like to go out for a fancy coffee somewhere but cannot get away? Try this easy method to make a coffee-house coffee at home without the fuss or expense of an espresso maker.


French Press (Bodum) coffee pot
microwaveable bottle with lid (I use a Nalgene water bottle)
hot water


Put the kettle on and put twice the amount of grounds you would normally use in your french press.

Pour boiling water into the press and allow to stand at least five minutes. Longer is better since the nuttiness of coffee comes out during brewing.

Pour milk into the bottle. For a cappuccino, use a quarter cup milk per cup of coffee. For a latte, use a half cup of milk per cup of coffee. Lid off, heat the milk in the microwave.

Pour coffee into your cup. Shake the milk until frothy and pour it over your coffee.


Coffee syrup, like at the coffee house, is available by the bottle. Add a shot to the milk before you shake it. 

Vanilla and Honey. For a drink that is more natural than the coffee syrup, but just as delicious, add a tablespoon of honey and a quarter-teaspoon of vanilla extract to the coffee.

A sprinkle of nutmeg or cocoa over the top completes the experience. Enjoy with Raisin Spice Omega Cookies.

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