Grilled Egg Salad (Seriously.... the eggs were hard-boiled on the grill!)

Grilled Egg Salad
It is during the hottest days of summer when I crave an egg salad sandwich. Somehow it seems unfair that egg salad requires hard boiled eggs which means a pot of boiling water heating up the the kitchen... Pass. I have experimented with pre-cooking and freezing eggs, and now understand how the the egg salad in those commercially prepared sandwiches get that weird rubbery texture. (Well there's an admission, eh?) In July's Food Network Magazine there was a page of photos of things you can grill. Veggies, berries, eggs... Eggs??? No explanation or instructions, just a picture of a hard-cooked egg and a warning to prick a hole in it first.

One night last week I gave it a shot. We were cooking burgers, and like every other time we grill the coals would be hot long after we finished our meal. I usually toss in a few potatoes to bake, and this time I added half a dozen eggs. I poked a hole in the end of each one, set them on the grill next to the taters, and closed the lid. I cannot be certain how long I should have left them there, but when I checked back in twenty minutes they were done.

After cooling on the counter for an hour, I placed the eggs in the fridge. The next morning, I peeled them. The shells were too brittle to peel neatly, so perhaps next time I will cool them down in a bowl of water. Inside the eggs were indeed hard cooked.

When preparing the egg salad, I did not bother with making mayonnaise in case the experiment failed. Instead I used three tablespoons of vinegar and a tablespoon of olive oil. Chopped green onion, a little salt... and there I had it! An egg salad sandwich on a day it too hot to cook!

With a bun bun baked on the grill the night before, I would have to say this was a pretty good sandwich.

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