Exploring the World

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We are planning to explore the world this year. Each week, we will focus on a country, or US state or Canadian province. Keeping it simple, since G-man is five and the Cadet is three, we will check out major geological features, climates, architectural landmarks and interesting native species. We will prepare a meal of favourite, traditional foods from that area as well.

There are about two hundred independent countries in the world, depending on your source and the day. Choosing forty was somewhat arbitrary, and somewhat for convenience. We have friends and family in some places, for a personal connection, and ancestral heritage from others. For the rest, I picked a few from each continent.

Source material is a bit of a challenge. Scholastic has a few "Rookie Reader" books on continents and a handful of countries. We will use those, encyclopedias, and simple books as I find them. We will ask people we know to talk about where they are from, and hit up other food-bloggers for local recipes. Each week will be a hodge-podge.

We are up for this!

(Oh... and I plan to share, too, in case other parents out there would like to try this.)


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  1. (Still working on it. It's a bigger task than I thought.)


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