Make Your own Granola! (gluten free, vegan)

Homemade Granola 
"Never eat a food with its own mascot." Whomever said this first was brilliant, but was not trying to reason with youngsters eying carefully positioned, sugary offerings in the cereal aisle. Since our boys love both oatmeal and baking, we have not had that fight yet.  We can make a delicious, sweet and crunchy cereal with ingredients we keep on hand. 

For about six servings:

3 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup
1/2 cup sliced almonds (optional)
2 tbsp olive oil (more if you prefer the granola clumpy)

Preheat the oven to 300F.

Mix all of the ingredients except the oil together in a pyrex baking dish. Add the olive oil and mix well. Bake the granola for about half an hour, stirring well after 20 minutes. Allow to cool before serving.

For a little pizazz, after baking try adding half a cup or so of:

dried pineapple, chopped
dried apple slices, chopped, or
dried berries

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