This is My Time

The wee'uns and their daddy are fast asleep. This is my time. The Cadet will want to have a late-night nurse, but not for at least another hour. All is quiet. I can step out of the mommy role and be just me.

Just having a cup of tea, watching a soap online and surfing the net. I really should be doing a distance education course or something. Last spring I stopped teaching GED classes part time, and it has been  four years since G-man was born and I left the full time workforce. Am I getting rusty? Are my skills outdated? Likely.

Running the numbers, going "back to work" would have net us about $200 a month, considering daycare, my commute, and the difference in income taxes. There was no moral dilemma to solve; $200 is just not a lot for a full time job. We trimmed that out of our budget easily by selling a couple of two-wheeled toys. The Cadet's birth tilted the equation so that we were saving money with me at home.

Am I wasting my education? Family members have suggested it, but I disagree. I'm not "just" a stay-at-home-mom. I run a home preschool. PBS gets the credit that G-man can read. Hey, I'm no Tiger Mamma, but our boys are learning how to cook, grow things, and handle money. Do they cover these topics at preschool?

Well, my eyes are finally heavy. 

Good night all!

[I would like to thank Faye at RawLawyer for retrieving this post. I actually wrote it and deleted it a couple months ago. Here I am again, doing the same thing, so it is still relevant.]

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