Sugar Crash.

Today I had a shocking reminder of what happens when I eat too much sugar. We could be talking about baklava or Skittles but this afternoon it was Twix. Twix should never be confused for chocolate. It is a super-sweet cookie topped with caramel, encased in a sweet "chocolatey" shell. "Chocolately", not chocolate. 

(I love chocolate, and eat some nearly every day. Seriously... I've lost over fifty pounds since the Cadet was born, and having a piece or two of dark chocolate a day has not hurt at all. Those little Bliss chocolates come in dark and one or two of them is just right.)

This afternoon I walked to the grocery store, pushing the kids in a jogger stroller. It is a bit over a mile from the house to the store, just perfect for a bit of exercise. The Cadet fell asleep before we got to the store, and I bribed G-man with a promise of a treat if he stayed quiet so his brother could sleep while we shopped. All went well, and before we hit the checkout I went to pick up a bag of chocolates.  Oh... Easter candy was on a mad sale! A bag of miniature Twix bars for $1.50? Great idea!

The Cadet woke up as we were checking out, and G-man was still an angel and did not mess with him. After I loaded our groceries into the trunk of the stroller, I dug out the bag of Twix. One for each of the boys, and one for me. And another. Well, maybe one more...  I just did not get that satisfying chocolate feeling. Every time I reached into the bag for another, the boys could hear it because it was right behind them in the trunk of the stroller. Two for me, one for them....

By the time we got home, I must have eaten eight of the Twix minis, and each of the boys had four or five. This was not good. They bounced off the walls, and I crashed. The only way to describe the crash was the extreme first-trimester fatigue I would get with G-man, when I was still moonlighting as a truck stop waitress in addition to my full time desk job. I had such a hard time staying awake at my desk... My eyes started to sting from yawning.  I fought to stay awake for the ten minutes before Stealthy Dad would be home. As soon as he arrived I sat in a comfy chair and closed my eyes. Our sugar-high kids crawled on me, used me for a slide, and put various hats on my head. I just could not move, for at least half an hour. When I finally got up from the comfy chair I found that Stealthy Dad had made a fresh pot of coffee. Bless him!

I sent the rest of the bag of Twix minis and the companion bag of Snickers minis to the office with Stealthy Dad. They have a candy bowl at the reception desk that will be chock full tomorrow! We don't need that stuff here.

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