One Fine Burger

One Fine Burger

On Sunday, we had the best burgers in town. I have to brag because some work went into them. It took months to get grassfed beef from the grocery store, and the oven fries were cut from specially-ordered organic potatoes. The home-made buns were still warm from the oven.

My point is that it is possible to eat a reduced sodium diet that is delicious. It is also possible to eat "real" food while keeping a tame budget. (We spend less per week than the USDA's thifty plan.)  The main factor is time. It can take time to source out quality ingredients, and often that means preparing ahead for a bulk purchase. It takes time to cook your own food instead of ripping open a package of frozen convenience.

Time well spent.

People like to say they cannot afford better quality foods or don't have time. A more honest thing to say would be that putting the time into meals is not a priority, since almost anything can be prepped ahead.  I remember the days when we would come home after a long day and commute, three hours before bedtime, and were in no condition to fire up the oven. Cooking and freezing ahead would have solved that problem.

I am in no position to tell people what to do with their time and money. I do know that the less we spend on processed foods the better we feel. I'd rather hang out in the kitchen than at the hospital any day.

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  1. I need a tutorial on this topic so I can pull better omni meals together for my husband.


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