Non-GMO Baking Powder and Cornstarch at our local grocery store!

I was bummed.

Just after buying a new can of baking powder last month, I read that it was on a list of things that are generally genetically modified (GMO) due to corn starch. I decided to finish up the can of "conventional" baking powder and replace it with a non-GMO version purchased online somewhere. You know how a can lasts for-e-ver? With all the extra baking last week, I used up our baking powder before I remembered to buy its non-GMO replacement. Was I to do without until I found some online, or just suck it up and buy baking powder one last time at the grocery store?

Reading labels of everything on the shelf, I found THIS at the grocery store. Rumford, a subsidiary of Clabber Girl. Right there, in bold letters, the product boasts that its cornstarch is non-GMO. It is not organic, but at least it is non-GMO and available locally. I'll take it!

(Apparently they have a reduced sodium version and non-GMO corn starch out there, too.)

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