Homemade Corn Chips (vegan, gluten free)

Homemade Corn Chips

Last night, I made homemade tortilla chips. It is really a two-part process: making the tortillas, then baking them into chips. G-man and the Cadet ate two tortillas each before I could bake them into chips, which was no surprise. They both go crazy for plain flour tortillas, too.

For the first step, I followed this recipe, using a cast iron skillet. The tip to roll the tortillas out between sheets of waxed paper is a helpful one. I let the tortillas cool a few mibutes before following this recipe, the instructions for making them into chips. Instead of brushing the triangles with oil, I used my little pump sprayer. (If you have a friend of co-worker who sells Pampered Chef, grab one of the oil pump sprayers when you see a catalogue going around.) The recipe suggests baking the triangles for twelve minutes or more, but I found our chips to be crispy within seven.

The tortillas that were rolled thinner were crisper without getting too brown. I lightly sprinkled them with lite salt before sharing them with the family.

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