My Crazy Week

Whew! What a crazy week! We have had folks visiting from Ontario (by way of Winnipeg) and from Wisconsin.  Last weekend, between furious bouts of cleaning, hours were spent in the kitchen to prepare. G-man helped make Peanut Butter Omega Cookies. I wasn't of the best temperament, so I confess that his role was limited to smashing the dough balls with a fork. He was still proud to present the cookies to his grandparents.

Six dozen soft rolls  and four loaves of bread made it to the freezer to be taken out daily for the illusion of freshly baked bread. A pot of chili  and a mess of tortillas were made up to make fajitas one day for lunch. One night we had chicken pie and another day for lunch we had chicken soup. Anything that could be prepped last weekend was.

Thanksgiving Dinner went off without a hitch, sort of. We kept it simple since we had no idea who was coming or when. (That is not stressful at all....)  I baked the turkey upside down in a roaster, which made the white meat very tender, but not as pretty as a magazine cover turkey.  There were rutabagas, mashed potatoes, rolls, slaw, and pumpkin pie with Omega Crust.

Early this morning, I got up to bake a breakfast bread pudding. I sliced my finger with a bread knife, then decided that regular toast, leftover pancakes and breakfast tortillas would be good enough for company.  Going back to bed was the sanest thing I had done all week.

And now it is time all the leftovers.  Burp.

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