Where are my manners?

I haven't written too many new posts lately. Gardening, chasing kids, finally selling the "extra" house in Missouri... Now we have started to paint our own house, a big Victorian centenarian plus, with brushes in hand. In my spare time I have been working on a curriculum for the kids for this year.

There was a post, just over a week ago... Michelle of Simplify, Live, Love invited me to post as a guest to her blog while she was on vacation. Sure, why not? It was fun. Lots of people discovered my blog for the first time, and I forgot to to return the favour. *slaps forehead*

I would love you to check out Simply, Live, Love. The featured family are also Iowans, living on the other side of the state. She offers recipes, gardening tips, homeschooling plans, crafts, and frugal living ideas. My favourite posts are her Five Minute Grammar Lessons. (Last week, there was even a weekly menu from Stealthy Mom!)

- Laura


  1. Hehe!! No problem, Laura! Thank you for guest posting! Hope you're finish painting? Congrats on selling the house!!

    1. Still painting... a couple guys walked past the house and we offered them cash to help for a couple days. Now we have the first story done. And, yes! We are so happy that someone else gets to cut the lawn and pay the bills at the Missouri house now. It's a big weight lifted.


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