Another Great Burger....

Grassfed Beef Burger on Grilled Bun with Yukon Gold Fries

I am getting the hang of this outdoor cooking thing. Tonight we had delicious grassfed beef burgers on homemade buns (baked on the grill) and grilled Yukon Gold fries. The grown-up burgers were topped with frisee lettuce, grilled red jalapeño slices and fresh blue cheese dressing.

To get the job done efficiently, this order of operations works. (It did not hurt this time that Stealthy Dad kept the kids occupied.)

1) Prepare dough for the burger buns

2) Make the blue cheese dressing and put it in the fridge.

3) Wash and chop the tater fries, toss in oil and place on cast iron pan.
4) Start the coals.

5) Punch the dough down, and form it into balls. Coat each ball in olive oil and flatten slightly on a cookie sheet.

6) Put the lid down on the grill. Once the grill is 400F (coals are still red and there are a few flames left) place the pan with the potato fries to the back of the "oven."

7) Form the burger patties and place them on a plate in the fridge. I use just the beef without fillers or seasoning.

8) Take the buns out to the grill.

9) Flip the taters with a metal spatula and leave the pan at the back of the grill.

10) Bake the buns, six at a time: Place them on the grill, close the lid and wait five minutes. Check for "grill marks." Flip the buns over, replace the lid and wait about another five minutes.

11) While the last buns are on the grill, fetch the burger patties and any veggies you would like grilled.

12) As soon as the buns are done, take the tater fries off the grill. The pan will still be hot, so they may need another flip.

13) Cook the burger patties. 

14) Assemble your burgers and enjoy!

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