Our Local Farmers' Market is Open!

Buttery Baby Potatoes

Our local Farmer's Market is open for the season! I was amazed at the bounty of early vegetables offered yesterday. We got our garden in late- okay, way late-  but a couple of the vendors must have been digging through frost! Zucchinis, beets, cabbages... G-man picked out these baby potatoes and green onions to be a perfect companion to last night's grassfed burgers.

Baby potatoes are so sweet and fresh tasting that they need no "recipe." For these, I just washed them and put them in a pyrex dish. I stirred in a couple of chopped green onions, added a tablespoon of butter on top and popped the dish into the microwave. After four minutes I gave them a stir, then put them in for another three minutes. Done.



  1. We got some of the little red potatoes at our farmer's market here in Ky. We cooked them with some of our home canned green beans. To.Die.For. They were so good!


    1. That sounds delicious. We'll have our own taters soon (I hope) so will try mixing them up with green beans. How did you season them?


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