Green Bean Fries on the Grill (gluten free, vegan)

Green Bean Fries on the Grill

Fresh green beans add a splash of vibrant colour to your cook-out plate. With a good, solid cast iron pan you can bake Green Bean Fries just like in the oven.

green beans
olive oil
salt, sea salt or "lite" salt

Wash, dry, and trim the end off the green beans. Toss in olive oil and lightly sprinkle with your choice of salt.

When the grill is hot, close the lid to evenly heat the interior. Spread the green beans evenly in the bottom of the  seasoned, cast iron pan. Place the pan on the grill and close the lid again. Bake for about ten minutes, open the lid on the grill, and turn the beans over. Bake for another couple of minutes until evenly browned. Remove the pan from the grill.

[If we serve these to G-man and the Cadet as a snack ahead of a meal, they gobble them up. As delicious as they are, they do not compete well against corn bread, potatoes, burgers, or other grill fare. Kids, eh?]

I shared this recipe with Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways and the Ultimate Recipe Swap.

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