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"Bait Snacks"
Some great ideas, if never tried, will stay as great ideas. I've had a few that propelled me to greatness in my own mind, but humbled me in practice. It is arrogant to assume that just because there is not already a recipe published for my grand scheme that no one has tried it before. It is likely that the same ideas crossed someone else's mind at some point then discreetly found their way to the bin, never to be discussed again.

I have several of these. It started when I was a kid, trying to surprise my mom with a cake. "Allspice" means "all spices you need in a chocolate cake," right? Apparently not. Putting spaghetti in a pot of cold water to help make lunch more efficient (since I was not allowed to turn on the stove) was not a good idea, either. I was a teen when I discovered that orange juice on its own is not a good sauce to boil a chicken breast in. *shudder*

In the past year, I have had some winners:

Corn bread with peas and carrots blended in. It tasted okay; the colour was the issue. Neon green. We had pea-soup squares baked in a nuclear reactor.

Cake using blended blueberries instead of milk, mashed bananas in place of butter, flaxseed in place of eggs and gluten-free flour. If left in the sun to dry it would have made a great door stop.

Cauliflower-chocolate muffins. The batter was delicious and the texture of the muffins had a moist yet fluffy texture. Somehow a chemical reaction during cooking made these bitter, bitter, bitter. They were so bad, that every time I make any sort of a chocolate muffin or cupcake, G-man asks "are these the yucky ones?"

I have one in the fridge right now that might be great if re-engineered a little. It involved poppyseeds and quinoa. We'll see.

Anyone else have any great bloopers? It is only humane to share, you know, so the rest of us can learn from your mistakes!

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