Maybe I should work for the government. (Just kidding.)

NPR posted a story about sodium in food yesterday, entitled, "To Hold The Salt, It's Time To Hold The Bread." It discussed a report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that people unwittingly consume high amounts of sodium in foods like bread.

My first response was an eye roll because government funds were just used to fund a "study" to determine what any label reader could learn. Heck, I even posted about the sneaky sodium in bread months ago.

The NPR article went on to say, 
"But it's clearly hard to stay within the limits, especially because we can't control the sodium in some of our foods. Some 65 percent of sodium comes from food sold in stores, and 25 percent comes from restaurants. The salt shaker on the kitchen table isn't really the problem — it's the industrial quantities of saline sodium and crystals that are dumped into processed food to help preserve them and boost their addictiveness."
What do they mean we cannot control the amount of sodium in our food? If one is reading the article, clearly he or she should be capable of reading a label, no? We have power over what we choose to buy. We can look for lower sodium options in pre-made food or even (*gasp*) spend some time in the kitchen!

How long will it take the CDC to conduct a study that concludes that it is healthy for people to cook for themselves? Are there grants available for stating the obvious?

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